COVID-19 – An update re working arrangements

Graham Taylor - 20.04.20

Taylored Facilities Management places your safety – and that of the wider public – ahead of all else and is following government guidelines and recommendations throughout the ongoing pandemic.

Despite the current situation re COVID-19, due to our contracts with three separate NHS trusts, we are operating at almost full capacity to help maintain critical services.

Posters have been displayed in our offices, depots and company vehicles with additional hand sanitisers and PPE being provided throughout the business. What’s more, we’re encouraging office staff to work from home wherever possible, with all face-to-face meetings now being cancelled and Microsoft Teams and Skype being used to avoid the need of working in offices and using public transport.

We are reviewing the situation and our approach on a daily basis and will do everything we can to avoid these events impacting upon our clients, the UK’s rail infrastructure and the travelling public. We will keep you updated immediately should our approach to this pandemic change.